I’ve Seen You, Beauty

Things were never the same the day I met you. You were this delicate butterfly of joy drifting through the wind and I, your admirer, hoping to grasp you when you came closer. If you came closer. You were the epitome of beauty, elegance and romance; your angelic presence was like the sound of sweet music – raging past the melancholy of the harsh realities of the world, entering my body and invigorating me, filling me with good vibes and helping me question life itself for a second time.

I’ve seen you, beauty. You are not perfect. You are flawed. Which is what makes you perfect for me. Had you been perfect, then you wouldn’t have existed in this world. You’d just live up to be yet another fantasy. Yet another persona to dream of every night.


It has been a long ride all these years, you and I. You have always stayed close to me no matter how distant life made us be. But we have managed to stay close to each other. We have managed to defy all odds and all the harsh imperfections that soil the perfect moments and have managed to see the light of day. For even the moon, adorns all those craters, and yet manages to mesmerize us with its sheer beauty and light.

I’ve seen you, beauty. And it is in that seemingly infinite stretch of time that I see you, my heart and hope collide. Thoughts about you, a future with you, and a world without you seem to cramp up my brain when I see you. But life was never about dreaming about the days to come or regret the days gone by. It was about living in the moment with you. For that is the only thing that matters and keeps us eternally happy.

You are beautiful. One of a kind. Exotic to this world and to me. This heart of mine yearns to be with yours.

I’ve seen you, beauty. But you are not just skin deep. You are way deeper. You are impenetrable. And you adorn this beauty like the brightest and most elegant piece of jewellery the world has ever lived to see. Your beauty starts right from that fist-shaped organ that makes me lucky to have you beside me in this big blue world.

Unfortunately, fate and I have never been good allies until now. I have been under the obnoxious attacks of downfalls and failures quite often. But you, you have been the lantern beside me, guiding me out of the dark caves. You have been the reason for me to stand up from the falls and rise. You have been my inspirer, and I, your admirer, your lover.

What you think of me, what you believe me to be, I have yet to find. You are a puzzle worth exploring. And I’d love to explore you with you by my side every step of the way.

These words can never fully let you know what I think of you and why you mean so much to me.

I’ve seen you finally, beauty. And you are mine to keep.


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