Hiatus, and many more..!

Hiyah, readers!

A rather extended hiatus finally comes to an end after almost a year of settling into freshman year college life abroad, juggling between academics, social activities and rejuvenating on much-needed breaks.

Having not been active for over a year now, the idea of having lost touch and become obscure to most readers and fellow bloggers gives me the heebie-jeebies. Therefore, a revamp is in the need of the hour. Although I don’t think most of you would remember what my blog looked like or aimed to achieve (and I don’t blame you! Its been a goddamn year..) but to refresh your thoughts about this blog, I have given TheBrownBlackOrange a major uplift, top to bottom. I’ve also updated my “About” page so do give it a read to get yourselves up-to-date with facts about me.

Now that I am back with a goal to “win” you all back, I shall try to be regular and depending upon how well I balance the shenanigans of life, I intend to timely update my blog with a spectrum of posts so be on the lookout and hope you enjoy the stories, thoughts, reviews, opinions, ideas, and musings to come!

Now that I hear my boss (at the firm I currently intern at) calling me back to work, I shall take leave for now but before I leave, I shall leave you with a photo that I took long time back in mid-September 2015, when I arrived in Cardiff, Wales, to pursue my undergraduate collegiate education. Inspect, reflect, and stare in awe.

Cheers xx


                       Titled ‘Painted Skies’, Cardiff   ©2015,  ShreyasShivamPhotography



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