Border Tales

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There wasn’t much in Luis’ routine life that one would ever want for themselves – being part-waiter and part-janitor at a 24/7 open roadside diner wasn’t something of great importance and value. As hateful as his job would seem to be, Luis was obligated to work there, with no choice left. Being born into a penurious family, where the mother was the sole bread earner, and the alcoholic father remained confined to the wet and peeling walls of the house, there was not much that life offered to Luis right from the start. The only soothing relief that it ever gave him was a girl from across the border, Olivia. 

The first time Luis and Olivia crossed paths was at the border fence between their two countries a decade ago. Luis was on a trek with his younger cousin, Ortiz, to find their missing football, which apparently had landed across the border into the neighbouring country. It was here that Olivia, who was on a school trip, found the ball and tried to punch it past the border fence back to Luis. The encounter propelled into an interesting conversation between the two and instantly a friendship blossomed across borders.

Today, they meet every week at the border fence, talking about their daily lives, sharing their experiences of living in their respective towns, and discussing Hollywood films, although, now things have escalated from being just friends, to being two budding lovebirds. Luis dreams of the day he will be able to gather a sufficient amount of money to be able to afford to move across the country with his aging mother and family and work in Olivia’s city, where they can live together happily. The option of illegally crossing over into Olivia’s country had long been flunked with border forces strengthening security, tighter vigilance, and stricter laws being introduced. Even Olivia had advised to not use dishonest and illegal means of bypassing immigration. Till then, the only satisfaction that he has to make do with are his breaks in between shifts, when he gets to meet and touch Olivia’s hands from across the fence. They yearn to meet under better conditions, but sadly, the newly appointed president of Olivia’s country has other plans. Fifty feet tall plans.

As it gets tougher and more daunting for Luis and Olivia to meet, the atrocity of the new presidency casts a shadow over their dreams and their future. However, today, the love that they share across borders seems to be too strong and oblivious to the obstructions that are building up along their way. For they know that their love is beyond the scope of boundaries – they know not of borders and fences. For them, the sky is the limit and their love is prepared to fly. Today, their love is built on the edifice of hope for a better future, and their pillars of faith, trust and honesty can out-stand and defy all the cement that can blockade them from ever meeting on the fence again.

  Note: Purely Fictional

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    So sweet !

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