Bros before woes

Person 1:

[hope] Yes, university has called him for yet another retake of his final year’s exam paper. This might be his only last chance at graduating, or else he’d have to resort to a life of toil, stress, and woes – not that he has had enough worries already. All other colleagues have long graduated. 

Person 2: 

[love] The one year university masters course is now over; it is time to return to the family business. As the prodigal son returns, questions about marriage seem to float around casting a shadow over his prospects of what could only seem to be the start of a new budding career back home. Single life abroad was an exhilarating experience, but now after having succeeded with academic accolades, questions like “Didn’t you find a good girl for yourself?” “Do you like someone specific?” “How’s your love life going?” “Don’t worry, we’ll find you a good match here, okay?” only makes him wish he didn’t have to go back so soon.

Person 3:

[stress] Concerns arise on the financial front. Parents sacrificing every ounce of blood and sweat on making sure he enjoys the time while abroad. But the worry and concern for the other party goes both ways. Parents expecting to perform, teachers expecting to ace, friends expecting to enjoy, and his inner self expecting to cater to everyone’s needs but his own. Thoughts of under-performing, doubting your inner-self flare up and begin to eat at his helpless mind. 

Person 4:

[homesick] Fear grips tight when he dreams about family members at night, and wakes up to find himself alone. Five thousand miles away from home isn’t easy to live with when you’ve spent all your life so far in one city with the comfort of your family members around you. Nothing but loneliness surrounds him in his bedroom.


Problems are always around the corner waiting to ambush all of them after every conscious action they take or judgement they make. But every Friday evening, after all the hell faced over the week, once they gather up by the bay and sit on the high rocks by the edge of the coast with a glass of whiskey, some cigarettes, and some music, all the atrocity and the woes start to recede with the waves. They sing, laugh, joke, gossip, but most importantly, they support and advise each other on the problems they face. With families being thousands of miles away, they know that by having each other’s backs amidst all the issues, they can only hope to make it a less worrisome, less burdensome, less stressful, if not happier, place to live in.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Photo by author, 2016.




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